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reasons to stan snsd

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The queens of secondhand embarrassment. 

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SNSD’s My Bestfriend Stage vs Practice Room

Stage Perf. 


Practice room


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“Since last year I have been thinking that I am very fortunate. Because last year when I debuted, I gave many thanks to god for letting me have eight new family members, and this year I am very pleased to spend my birthday together with everyone here. There is a letter I wrote to SNSD members on my birthday. I wanted to read out the same letter to fans. It was a very long letter but in short, thank you for becoming a part of our family. In a family, we encouter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things, however, let’s be together forever until the end. I love you.”

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To me, SNSD is not somewhere that simply provides money or fame. It is a place where we have lessons in life. It’s a place where we adjust everything initially in conflict one by one, until we embrace one another. You can never find lessons as good as these elsewhere. I learn most things in a little society named SNSD.

— Sooyoung, from Ceci Magazine Interview; translation by @imwhywhy (via shining-sooyoung)
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"the nine of us being together is more important than anything else." - hyoyeon.